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The rehabilitation programme is based on the Therapeutic Community plan. Essentially, the programme aims at instilling the self image and self respect back into the addict/alcoholic that he had lost during period he was an addict.
In reality, We help the addict grow up. We help him see himself better and realize that finally, success in life in depends upon the responsibility towards one self and other.
The Therapeutic community functions as a highly structured nurturing environment which encourages the recovering addicts/alcoholic to develop through positive peer pressure healthy relationships, sound values and a productive lifestyle, all in an absolutely drug free atmosphere.
The objectives are achieved through a combination of individual, groups and family therapy session, N.A./A.A. groups, educational programmes, prayer and meditation, work games as well as a variety of other support services. To insure the successful implementation of the programme, N.V.S. uses a judicious mix of professional (psychotherapists, social workers etc.) and Para-professionals (recovering addicts).
Since the therapeutic community programme is essentially one of self-help in nature, the teachers are both the staff as well as the resident themselves.