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Nav Vikalp Sansthan

Nav Vikalp Sansthan (NVS) is a non-profit, non-religious & non-political organization providing drug and alcohol rehabilitation through both residential and day-care facilities. This organization was established in May 2004 and was registered under Registrar Societies Act, in June 2006.It was affiliated for 80G and 12A in March 2009 by Income Tax Department of India. NVS was founded by president of this organization Mr. Harish Bhutani, who himself experienced the agony only an addict can know. In 2002 he learnt and practiced the N.A. / A.A. 12 step program at Caress foundation as a counselor in Delhi, where he was met with phenomenal success with (addicts/alcoholic) inmates thereafter working with addicts/alcoholics in Delhi, Mr. Bhutani felt the need of a Re-habilitation center in Rajasthan due to chronic problem of addiction (Drug/Alcohol). NVS is the first NGO in Rajasthan to work on Drug Rehabilitation under 12 steps principles program of AA/NA. Presently N.V.S. is running a Re-habilitation center, a day care center and counseling center in Jaipur (Rajasthan).

NVS provides rehabilitation and treatment alongside facilities for the families of people who have been affected by addiction in one form or another throughout their lives.

The specific aim of NAV VIKALP is to enable the patient to cease substance abuse, in order to avoid the psychological, legal, financial, social, and physical consequences that can be caused, especially by extreme abuse. Since its inception, NVS have been working with the problem of drug addiction. This has helped us accumulate a wealth of experience in handling drug addicts, dealing with their problems, helping them get back to living and making sure, they remain drug-free even after they case to be residents of the center. And, NVS is more than willing to share this experience of ours with anybody desiring to gain it.

. Organization has been running 5 help lines for the dissemination of required information concerning every aspect of Drug Addiction. The key use of these help lines are to sensitize the common person whether addict or not by enhancing awareness followed by simplified troubleshooting methodologies.

Objectives and Activities

We have concentrated our activities for helping drugs and excessive alcohol addicts give up these pernicious habits and lead a healthy life we try to achieve our objectives by providing them with necessary medical care and psychiatric counseling. We consider of vital importance of making a significant difference in the lives of those who are victims of these destructive addictions – especially those who are underprivileged and disadvantaged. One of the most effective way to achieve the objective is to empower them, and also inspire them, to strive hard to improve the quality of their own lives.

We firmly believe that the younger generation should get opportunities to make themselves capable of generating enough income to live with dignity it should be possible when they are guided to lead a healthy and a meaningful life, availing new and emerging opportunities for being engaged in gainful occupations.

Key Objective -

To strengthen the rehabilitation activities in terms of preventive health, treatment and aftercare services


Our vision is to translate this dream into reality. We shall have to overcome many hurdles to achieve our objectives. The despair of the under privileged has to be replaced with hope, their fear with security, their ignorance with knowledge. We do not intend to impose our pressure to solve their problems. Our intention is to prepare them to improve their quality of their lives.


NVS has started with 37 drug-addicts in 2004. The number of drug-addicts rapidly increased year after year.


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