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How To Overcome Drug Addiction?

A drug addiction is not an indication of any flaw in character or weakness and it asks for much more than a strong willpower to overcome its compulsion. Using illegal or certain kind of drugs can affect your brain, causing really strong cravings and a compelling power that makes soberness seem like an unachievable goal. But chances of recovering are always there, no matter how hopeless your situation may seem. With proper treatment and support recovery is always possible. Never be hopeless – even if you have tried a lot, do not stop until you achieve your goal. The road to recovery always seems difficult and it often comprises of pitfalls, bumps and setbacks.

Addiction is in your mind and it is also an example of mind pollution. That is one of the mantras of psychologists all over the world and the fact of the matter is addiction usually depends on one’s bad habits and cyclic unusual behaviours. Anything from smoking, over eating, drugs, random addictions and bad patterns of behaviour can be tracked down to the subconscious mind. In technical terms, the body doesn't need nicotine, it doesn't need caffeine and it doesn't need the effects of heroin.


These 3 drugs and other kind of compounds and addictions do not fulfil a critical bodily function, they are not indiscernible in the process of daily survival since they are not food and any other consumables required for any functions in the body. The reason we are attracted to them is because of the 'feeling' that they out-turn within us. The first time a person tries a cigarette, it is generally a bad experience, but as the nicotine sets in the body it responds to this catalytic drug and produces feelings of euphoria and physical pleasure. Do this frequently enough and what you get is an experience that is similar to affirmation and positive messaging. The subconscious mind doesn’t understand “Good or Bad”. It picks up all your emotions as it is in your conscious mind and it associates the good feeling you get from smoking or eating as a 'good' thing'.

This gets reproduced in the human body and the mind as becomes an essential in regular way, which makes it hazardous. The subconscious mind then easily believes that the body needs to have this good feeling all the time, so it reaches into your emotions, your central nervous systems and your physiological framework and brings about the chain reactions that lead to 'craving'. How do you combat this powerful effect? First you need to taper down your addictions. If you are smoking 25 a day, go to 12 for a week, then 5 for another – unless and until you are basically down to zero. You have to ease your mind and body into lower doses until it perceives a negligible amount as the need which then will rapidly go to zero. You also need to control your mind off what you are eagerness, that is one of the problems with addictions.

Prepare your timetable with activities that execute other natural highs - like adrenalin. Participate in a sport or do something exciting and special to get the body going and your mind of your addictions. Last but not the least, look out for products like subliminal videos online - they are a prime example of how technology has stepped in to reprogram the subconscious mind and take away the addictions that have been placed in them. These video are available online and with a small price subscription, you can be assured to slowly release all your addictions. These are some useful ideas on how to overcome drug addiction and we are sure if you keep it up these tactics you will be living a much healthier life.