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Our outreach services broadly fall into Three groups:
1. Family therapy
2. Follow up
3. Prevention

Family Therapy:
Chemical Dependency (drugs/alcohol related) not only affects the addict or alcoholic but the whole family in day to day life. We, therefore, request the urgent need for the family’s support and co-operation.

Assistance to family members:
a. We organize family sessions on a weekly basis. Professional Counselling by dedicated counsellors and staff providing in an individual case-study as required for the all-round development of the chemically dependent.
b. Family, group therapy, 1-to-1 sessions and get-togethers on a weekly basis or as and when required.
c. Visiting the patients’ home by our team of trained counsellors and voluntary staff.
d. Our team of staff and members, all having real life experiences in the field of addiction, discuss problems, crises, pain and frustrations and their solutions with recovering addicts/alcoholics. They share their love, care and concern to give hope and strength to the family members, not to give up but keep trying. They also try to make the families realize the importance of tough love.

Follow up:
Based on a follow-up support system, this offers the chemically dependent person, having completed the programme, to lead a drug & alcohol-free life-style after his discharge from the Rehabilitation Centre. The purpose here is to support them in their new life and help prevent relapse.

Relapse prevention plan:
* Advising the patients to remain connected by routine visits to the centre and by telephone in case of not being able to
   meet personally to their counsellors when encountering problems in daily life.
* Visits by counsellors to the homes of ex-residents.
* Regular get-together for expression and sharing of their positive and negative experiences and feelings in their
   outside life and learning from them. It includes sharing their reservations and fears honestly with their counsellors for

NOTE: This programme works for those who have followed the direction given to them on a daily basis. We request you to help and assist in creating a drug/alcohol-free environment.