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Recovering addict: Healing in time

The world is welcoming you again

Being a recovering addict, you might feel like you are of negligible importance to the world. Reason being you have just came back from a nightmare and you still try to escape it. But somewhere within you, you are unique and have a special place with great importance, even if you are encircled by people who taunt you .

You are not just a name

An effective way to boost your recovery is anonymous meetings. There are many things that you may find here as a path that leads to your recovery. Being a recovery addict you may find yourself as just a number or name . The program doesn’t focus to target your uniqueness and the things you have planned to dedicate the world . Anonymity needs that members do not stand out other than to celebrate their clean time .

Develop your gifts as a recovering addict

 It is very well known that addiction hits creative geniuses the hardest . Addiction needs not to be always negative , the other way to define addiction is the passion . A hobby that is made for you . There are many musicians , artists and performers who are addicted to their work , not just due to the world they live in . Its moreover the force of being unique and opting the uniqueness as their creativity.

Never give up

This is the time to find out and work upon your strengths and talents which can easily be managed along with recovering activities  like therapy, meetings , journaling and meditation, this is the perfect time for you to make it as a regular routine and know about creative opportunities which contains highest level of talent. You may find more about the importance of creative opportunities here.

Don’t give anyone a chance to say that you are not special

There are many people in the world may be your parents, siblings who try to hit on your self-esteem .This sound quite familiar . You were already aware that you had so much potential as a child, yet the world try to put you down in your own eyes. Why this happens ? why did they do that?  This is simply the normal dysfunctional behaviour that every human possess . As a recovering addict you cannot allow them to hold you back.

 Time heals everything

As you continue to work on appreciating your ability , you will see that you are healing . Your mind will regain the potential again and start working .This is the time to write , draw , compose and speak whatever you feel to express . Early recovery is the perfect time to explore creative aspects and opportunities. Failure teaches a lot , don’t regret on it . It’s the time to practice and make the things work out . The only place in which you must not fail is to stay clean . Say goodbye to drugs for lifetime.