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Whether you are aware of this or not but someone or other residing with you near or far is suffering from or struggling with an addiction to drugs and alcohol. It is a very sensitive topic to be known, discussed and be aware of.

Any type of addiction be it of drugs or alcohol is bad. It heavily impacts thinking process of an individual, it affects his feelings and actions. Many people who are suffering from the addictive disorders are somewhere aware of their problems, but they have difficulty in having a control over it or they are not able to put a stop to it on their own. Therein comes the role of rehabilitation centers which acts as a hand holder to these persons and cure them of their disease. But before that, they need to be aware of what they are up to.

So, Nav Vikalp Sansthan is playing an important role in spreading awareness about drug abuse and alcohol’s harmful effects. It helps individuals suffering from this disease to come to them and get a assured, satisfactory cure from this addiction. They are saviors who guide addicts, save them, and help them in leading a better life. They are working for the upliftment of country by making the youth and students of today to live a happy, peaceful, healthy and successful life.

Nav Vikalp Sansthan every year bring out ANTI DRUG AWARENESS CAMPAIGN in order to spread awareness about alcohol and drug addiction. Our main objective is to increase awareness and understanding of drugs and alcohol, its causes, treatments, and recovery from this deadly thing. We want to decrease the stigma and misunderstandings so that barriers to treatment and recovery are dismantled. Thus, making the life easy for the sufferers.

Today, along with the treatment and rehabilitation programs for alcoholics and addicts, we have moved ahead by targeting youth and students so that to make them aware of the harmful effects of drugs and alcohol.

Nav Vikalp Sansthan had organized a massive, energetic and message proclaiming campaign in the Pink city of Rajasthan, Jaipur. It started in December 2009. We carried out this event in a collaborative effort with India’s leading daily newspaper, “Dainik Bhaskar”.

Further, in the year 2012, Nav Vikalp Sansthan joined hands with the Narcotics Control Bureau, Rajasthan for the awareness campaign on drugs and alcoholism. This we brought forth keeping in mind the youth and students of Rajasthan who is much near to and more prone to get addicted to this.

Along with this campaign, we also organized several seminars in various schools. We even conducted road shows and initiated signing campaigns to go further.

Today more than 1 lakh of students and youth of Rajasthan has joined hands with us in our initiative towards Anti-Drug Campaign.

We have conducted several seminars and sessions for government departments also. In order to spread awareness among them also regarding the severity of drug abuse problem.