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Nav Vikalp Sansthan, where Nav Vikalp stands for “a new alternate”, has dependably withstood to its name. Basically, individuals who are addicted to liquor, drugs and so forth., require some other to begin their new period of life which is free from liquor and drugs, and here we remain as their companion keeping in mind the end goal to help them to accomplish that optional life for a superior future. Who could better comprehend the misery of dependence other than the individual who himself has experienced it? This non-profit association, which was established in May 2004, was begun as a De-addiction Center in India which was established by Mr. Harish Bhutani who himself has experienced this torment and superbly comprehends the circumstance of a man experiencing it.

What has been seen in the event of individuals searching for rehabilitation center in Jaipur is that they are searching for somebody to remain by them as they battle to draw together their life. As Mr. Bhutani has himself experienced everything, he has all that experience and learning to go on, to add to a project in light of same targets. In 2003-2004, he actualized his comprehension and attention to 12 stage program at Caress establishment as an instructor in Delhi, where he got incredible accomplishment with prisoners there who were dependent on hostile to social components.

In the wake of working there for quite a while, he felt the need of a De-addiction Center in Jaipur and he concocted this splendid thought of N.V.S. Right now N.V.S. is giving different facilities as a Rehabilitation center, a day care center and counselling center in Jaipur under the same roof. The vast majority of individuals allude to this spot as Nasha Mukti Kendra in Jaipur and as the name proposes, with its devoted and experienced specialist, primary objective of this association is recovery and transformation of the dependent individuals. By living up to expectations nearby patients and by taking an all-encompassing way to deal with individual patient situations we help them with their physical, mental, enthusiastic, social and profound diseases towards, what we call, a Total Recovery.

At N.V.S. establishment we restore our customers with empathy, cherish, self-acknowledgment alongside the medicinal, mental treatment and instruction they have to recoup from the impacts of compulsion. What we have accomplished is just the starting, and till now about half a large number of drugs, liquor dependent individuals are profited with our endeavours. They have spared their own life as well as spared their families. Our adage is to give new grin, satisfaction & cure to those families who are experiencing aliments of addictions & hopeless ailments.

We not just focus towards the casualty by giving them organized medication free air, they are likewise given by the obliged treatment and their families are furnished with advising. Legitimate directing is given to the group of dependent individual so that subsequent to leaving the recovery center, patients continue getting proper guidance towards driving a better life. We take this chance to extend our earnest appreciation to the regarded specialists of our Jaipur rehab center who has put their endeavours in accomplishing our objective of spreading the battle in India.