Addiction of anything is always detrimental and if unfortunately, you get caught with one of the addictions of drugs, alcohol or smoking, and then it becomes quite difficult to get de-addicted. With the huge number of young population, India can become a super power, however, youngsters of this generation are more inclined towards enjoyment in their life and sometimes these enjoyments start with the intake of various drugs, which are commonly inhaled as smoke. These drugs run into the vein from the very young age and by the time you start thinking about the consequences of this pleasure, you start your search for the various de-addiction center in India.

Nav Vikalp Sansthan (NVS) has always stood next to these patients, who have struggled to quit these addictions alone and often look up to someone who can help them in this. Being one of the best Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation Center India, our organization have studied about the root cause of inclination of people towards these secondary, yet, harmful pleasures and this makes us even more dependable when it comes to supporting people in getting de-addicted from these injurious consumptions. These might look fun and delightful in the beginning, but when you make yourself dependent on these drugs and alcohols for your happiness, then is the time when you start losing control over yourself.

With our organization, there have been a number of patients who have come out with shining colors and were successful in getting themselves away from drugs, alcohol and smoking. We work on the concept of therapeutic rehabilitation which not only helps individuals, but these individuals then go ahead and contribute towards making others overcome their issues. An addicted person is not just an enemy to themselves, but their surroundings, families and friends are also affected. They being your well-wishers might come up being stubborn sometimes, but they are only looking for your better future.

With our Nasha Mukti Kendra in Jaipur, you are sure to get help locally and you do not have to roam around places for getting help. We have a huge chain of centers across the country and this has helped people all around the country to become de-addicted to their addictions, which they were not able to do alone. One of the major factors that contribute towards their fondness towards these anti-social consumptions is their failure in their career. With one lost opportunity, they think that everything is lost and to overcome this pain, they take the support of these things. With our organization, we help them recover and overcome these situations in their life.

We help these individuals cope up with these situations and help them come up as a better person who is able to concentrate on other important things in life. We treat them in groups and individually, depending on the condition of the person and we even imply the concept of family sessions, so that they can be more open and close with their family members and can stop consuming those products which are equally harmful to their family members. Thus, if you are looking for the most recommended and best rehab center in Delhi, then NVS is your one stop solution for all your addiction...


The re-habilitation programme is based on the Therapeutic Community plan.